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Tell A Friend Detonator XL

Tell A Friend Detonator XL

Tell A Friend Detonator XL w/Master Resell Rights Value: $67 Boost your subscriber list up to more than 300 percent by using this unique self destructing......

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Tell A Friend Detonator XL Script - (MRR)

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Tell A Friend Detonator XL w/Master Resell Rights Value: $67

Boost your subscriber list up to more than 300 percent by using this unique self
destructing Tell A Friend Bonus Script!

Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor with an irresistible bonus......
but makes sure that their referred friends gets there before they ever see the
bonus downloads.

Tell A Friend scripts are easy to implement, but to date there is not much out there
that can determine that your site visitors are not keying in some bogus emails just
to get to the bonus page.

If you want to maxxed out on the list building potentials of ANY of YOUR websites, then
Tell A Friend Detonator XL can perk up you sluggish list in less than 24 hours!

While some have only scratched the surface by using Tell A Friend Scripts to promote their
sites...nothing comes close to this... because you see, most of the Scripts available, acts
just like any form to email scripts where there is no way to tell if the visitor is keying
in real email addresses that will really click on the link.

Tell A Friend Detonator XL Makes Sure That The Referred eMails Are Really Clicked By
Referred Friends.

And I mean REALLY email frauds by the visitor because Tell A Friend Detonator XL
has a smart built in function that will never allow the visitor to cheat the system by keying
into the tell a friend form a bogus friends email just to get to the short, there
is no way that the visitor can download the bonus unless the referred clicks were made from
another friend using another computer!

Adding Fun To The Boring Way Of Telling A Friend

With Tell A Friend Detonator XL, you can add more pizazz then just telling a friend...imagine

Your visitor happens to visit your website where he finds this great bonus that you are offering
for free...absolutely free and difinitely irresistible. And by using Tell A Friend Detonator XL,
you are able to make sure that the he refers real email addresses.

Your list will grow and multiply with lightning speed because...

If the friends of your visitors do not visit...your website through the link, within YOUR defined
detonation time....he will lose his bonus.

1. Set A Viral Effect Of Powerful Sneezers: Some people are far more likely to spread an ideavirus
than others. Malcolm Gladwell (author of the brilliant book and ideavirus, The Tipping Point) calls
this the Law of the Few and will enable you to amplify your Viral Marketing.

2. Turn those fence sitters into super charged pumped up and motivated referrers! Making them WANT
to refer your sites to more of their friends

3. Built an active list by leveraging on the powers of multiplication

4. Promote other products besides just internet marketing. By letting your customers tell their friends
and rewarding them with a special can market virtually any products tangible and intangible

5. Become a Super Affiliate and get top marketers pay you top dollars because they know that you have
a huge responsive list!

6. Convert more leads into ready buyers and loyal customers!

7. Fully deter SPAM attempts by using the Detonating Function of Tell A Friend Detonator XL!

Plus many more!

System Requirements:

No MySQL needed....It is as easy as pie to install, just upload and install...

This particular program can run on most servers that support PHP. This program has been tested on
Linux and Windows and does not require any database.

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Comes with resellers website and graphics.


You have full Master Resell Rights


[YES] Can put your name on the sales page.
[YES] Can be sold.
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[YES] Can be sold on auction sites.
[YES] Can be published offline.
[YES] Can convey (Master) Resell Rights.
[YES] Can be given away for free (any format).
[YES] Can sell Private Label Rights.


If you require professional script installation or script modification
on other scripts or script repair please contact at:

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