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The Art Of Digital Delivery

The Art Of Digital Delivery

"Finally!.. How To Set Up Digital Delivery To *Automatically* Send Out Emails, eBooks & Software To Your PayPal-Buying Customers.." ..Even While You Slee......

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The Art Of Digital Delivery - (MRR)

Digital Delivery Ebook + Bonus All With Master Resale Rights

"Finally!.. How To Set Up Digital Delivery To *Automatically* Send Out Emails, eBooks & Software To Your PayPal-Buying Customers.."

..Even While You Sleep!
"Finally!.. How To Set Up Digital Delivery To *Automatically* Send Out Emails, eBooks & Software To Your PayPal-Buying Customers.."

..Even While You Sleep!

The Art Of Digital Delivery shows you EXACTLY how to automatically deliver digital products to your PayPal customers with Outlook Express, Thinderbird, Microsoft
Outlook, and more without complicated software, programming skills or third party scripts! You've already got the basic software on your computer!

Although this may seem unbelievable at first, you may be suprised to hear that thousands of people just like you are making a full time, or extra part time income from the
internet just by selling digital products like eBooks and software.

There are numberous ways and techniques to making money online, but selling digital products is by far one of the fastest, easiest and most profitable ways. Does this sound like the route you want to take?

You see, when you sell a digital product online, you don't have to manually Email your customers, attach the product to your Email message, or send them the download link. With the Art Of Digital Delivery all that will be entirely automated and the system will be working round the clock
24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you..

..Even While You Sleep!

It's true that people are still manually sending out products to their customers and don't realize that this can be done automatically and for free!

* How do you think rich people become rich? Working more hours? Working more jobs? Working faster? No.. they get rich by doing more with less and becoming efficient by automating and outsourcing tasks! With The Art Of Digital Delivery, this is EXACTLY what you will learn to do!

Okay, So What Will The Art Of
Digital Delivery Teach Me?

You are about to learn..

* How the digital transactions take place on the internet! I've included easy to understand diagrams and a detailed description of each stage of the process!

* What you need to start your own business! 99 of first time marketers fail simply because they are put off or don't know how to go about it. This will NOT happen with you! I will show you exactly what tools you need, why you need it and how to apply it!

* How to set up digital delivery with Outlook Express! You will learn how to use Outlook Express to automatically deliver products to your customers and how to filter and organize your Emails for business. This technique is fully compatible with other POP3 Email clients and can be implemented on programs like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird.

* How to set up digital delivery with scripts! You will learn how to use PayPal's IPN 'Instant Payment Notification' feature and how to access it and use it to automate delivery with third party scripts.

* How to add 'Buy Now' buttons and shopping cart buttons to your website! You will learn how to
implement PayPal 'Buy Now' buttons and 'Add To Cart' buttons.

* How to modify the PayPal code in HTML! I will show you what needs editing so that you can sell any digital product you want, price it the way you want and send it to your Email address even if you're not a techie person!

* How to use the lastest digital delivery software! I will provide you with insider tutorials and sneak
previews on how to use them and how they will help make your business even more efficient!

But That's Not All!
As A Bonus, You Will Also Learn..

* How to set up an eBay account from scratch! eBay is probably one of the best places to start making money!
I will teach exactly what you need to do to get your eBay account ready for business, build up feedback and prepare it for selling!

* How to list digital items in eBay in classified ad format! You will learn how to use Turbo Lister to speed
up the listing process by 300 compared to standard listings whenever you want to sell something on eBay! You will also learn how to list auctions and 'Buy It Now' auctions!

* How to automate the listing process! I will show you how to use eBay's Selling Manager Pro to automate your
listings so that when it sells, it will automatically relist! You won't even have to lift a finger!

* How to automate feedback! Leaving feedback for every transaction can be a time consuming process! The Art Of Digital Delivery is all about automating! I'm going to show you how to automatically leave feedback ONLY when someone else has left positive feedback for you. This will protect your business, increase your feedback and build up your status!

and much much more..

I have packed this eBook with so much good solid and concise information that you will know exactly what to do in no time at all!

Picture This For A Moment..

1.You create your own sales page and PayPal button.
2.You upload your sales page to your server.
3.You follow the instructions in The Art Of Digital Delivery to automate the transaction.
4.You go to sleep after your hard work.
5.You wake up only to find that you've made sales!
6.You check your Emails to see your sales and PayPal notifications.
7.You rinse and repeat this process until you have several sales pages making you money round the clock!

All This Whilst You Were Asleep!

That is the POWER of digital delivery. Learning how to implement this one simple skill is such a fundamental part to your online success!

'Normal' people working a 9-5 shift, have to prepare themselves in the morning, drive to work, fuel their car, put up with the traffic, sit in the office, deal with unecessary stress, and come back home tired and go straight to bed to do exactly the same thing for the next day..

YOU on the other hand have just got out of bed and you've already made more money sleeping than they have working 8 hours during the day.. :)

Don't Get Left Behind!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make money on the internet! If you're serious about setting up your own eBook of software business and expect to sell frequently, then you simply CANNOT run a successful business without this fundamental knowledge - ask the pros!

Not only will you not have keep tabs on who's ordered what and whether or not you've provided the link for them, but your customers will be highly satisfied and will remember you and will definitely come back for more!

Do not start buying loads of 'how to make money' eBooks online. They will only teach certain things and
leave you clueless and trying to connect up the dots! Learn to walk before you run and start with the basics - setting up digital delivery.

But what happens after you learn how to set up digital delivery? Where do you go from there? Well, if you've been thinking about how you create your own eBook, or create your own sales page then STOP RIGHT NOW and read the next paragraph!

Comes With:

* Resellers Website.

* Download Thank You Page.

* All Graphics.


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